iPhone Home Screen - May 2023

I recently saw a post from someone where they wrote a blog post mentioned how they like to read about home screens and look back at old screenshots of their own. I also enjoy stumbling upon old screenshots of my phone, whether it’s my home screen or apps that I’m working on. I thought intentionally recording it sounded like a good idea.

iPhone Lock and Home Screens

iPhone lock screen. Boring background with subtle widgets for battery and weather. iPhone home screen. Only one page with a lot of apps and no widgets.

I recently read an article about how to optimize your phone to help you focus. Some of my configuration was motivated by the ideas in that article, such as only having one page of home screen, keeping photos and camera in the tab, and keeping apps in alphabetical order. I noticed while writing this article that I actually ended up using the same wallpaper!

Lock Screen

I intentionally keep my lock screen minimal. I only keep widgets on there that provide information that is immediate and relevant: time, battery, and weather.

Earlier in my life, I would have considered keeping more widgets for calendar events, reminders, or notifications. I have recently started thinking of those more as distractions than helpers. Battery and weather information is useful without being distracting. It helps me act accordingly instead of bringing up things that are going on, but perhaps not relevant right now.

Home Screen

I have a few Focus settings, such as for sleep or work, but this is my standard Personal home screen. I only have one page. This serves both to keep me focused and undistracted from other apps, but also to encourage me to use apps I want to use more. It doesn’t always work, though.

My apps are organized in alphabetical order, which was a suggestion from the article above. It makes it easier to find the apps I want and makes it easier by removing a choice of where I want things to go.

Let’s take a look at the apps:


The dock is the most accessible area for apps. It’s where your most use apps should go.

The apps I have on there are:

Up Above

That’s what my phone looks like in May 2023. I don’t remember when I set it up like this, but it’s a setup that has been serving me well for a while. I often swing along the pendulum of being fully custom and using power user apps and being simple and standardized, using default apps when I can. Who knows what my home screen will look like the next time I make a post like this? Or when it will be?